Easy private sharing of photos, music, videos and files

DADapp is the best private file sharing software

More private than Facebook, easier than Windows networking, more flexible than Dropbox

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Your Private Social Network

Share files with friends

Share files with friends

Share files with a friend or your whole family. See what they're sharing with you and request anything that catches your eye

Private secure sharing

Efficient Private Sharing

Instantly share your media on local networks and across the web and only transfer the files when they're needed, saving everyone time

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Messaging that isn't stored anywhere other than on your computer. Completely private messaging with no snooping allowed!

Organise and Automate - Coming Soon!

Smart collections


Create collections manually from your own and your friends' media or automatically build collections using simple filters

Drag and drop simplicity

Drag & Drop Simplicity

Drag & drop into a friends profile to share files or collections. Drag friends' shared media to your profile to request a local copy

Rich media catalog

Rich Media Catalog

Your catalog is the meta data of every file you've allowed DADapp to index, plus any tags you've added. This rich layer of information enhances shared files.